8th December 2016 | Rebecca James

This week Twitter got us thinking about the length of sales appointments, the behavior of any window salesman or woman, and the dreaded hard sell.

Last week one of the biggest debates in the double glazing industry was brought to the forefront of conversation on twitter. This was after the GGF Director of Home Improvement & Membership was asked whether a four hour sales call was an appropriate amount of time to spend in a customers house. This topic, the behavior of a window salesman, is something we are very interested in. His response was surprising to those of us in the Ripton Windows office!

What do people in the industry think?

The Double Glazing Blogger drew our attention to the issue, and certainly got us talking. This discussion might seem to be about the length of time you spend with a customer explaining products and measuring up their house. This may seem to be a good thing – a window saleman or woman giving every customer as much attention as they possibly can. However, it also raises the issue of the hard sell, which unfortunately the double glazing industry is infamous for.

The hard sell, where companies price on the day after measuring, where they offer discount after discount – as long as you sign there and then. This is one of the worst practices of the double glazing industry, and it seems like every week we get customers telling us the same story about other sales men who refused to leave their homes. We’ve even had customers so traumatised by their experiences that they are reluctant to let anyone else come and visit their home.

Whats our take on this issue?

No sales call should take four hours, particularly not an initial appointment. If you’re staying in a customer’s house to draw designs and price up, chances are you’re not creating a bespoke product designed with them in mind, and instead are trying to hard sell them your products – You’re psychologically putting pressure on them because you’re in their house. All of my customers appreciate that we take the time to design and cost their products so they get the best price first time – we spend the time in our office doing this, so that they can get on with their daily lives.

Matthew Ripton


We believe that customers should never be put in the position where they feel obligated to sign an order. Additionally, we make sure that all our appointment leave plenty of time for questions and concerns. We also give our customers time to decide whether our products are right for them. It is also important to us that all of our products are bespoke and individually design. So, in many cases we need to go back to the office to price up, because we don’t think that one size fits all.

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