It can be very easy to get caught up in the acronyms that companies often use to describe materials. You might be wondering, what is GRP? What does PVCu mean? We’ve put together some of the answers below?

First of all, understanding what doors and windows are made of can make a huge difference when deciding what option to go for. Because of this, we are sometimes asked, what is GRP? What does using that material actually mean practically.

Companies frequently use acronyms like PVCu and GRP to describe materials, without actually explaining what they mean. Therefore, we thought that we would create a no nonsense guide to these terms, so that you can understand exactly what is in the products you are asking about.

So, what is GRP?

Most simply, GRP stands for glass-reinforced plastic. You might also see it referred to as fibreglass, and it refers to the materials that make up this product. GRP is made up of strands of glass, which are then woven together. A polymer, or plastic, resin is then added, making the final product – a plastic which is reinforced with glass.

We use GRP in our composite doors, mainly as the outer layer of the product. GRP is lightweight, strong, and very durable, which consequently makes it ideal for the outer skin of composite doors.

What does PVCu mean?

PVCu is another material, one which is mainly used in windows. It stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, unplasticised, and is what most modern windows are made out of (although we are seeing some composite windows coming to the market now). It is a thermoplastic, which means that it can be remelted – consequently, it is a recyclable material. Furthermore, it is durable and lightweight, which makes it ideal for windows. Finally, PVCu is energy efficient, which means less heat lost through the plastic parts of your windows.

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