Rebecca James | 31st January 2017

A Veranda Conservatory can be the perfect way to bring the outside into your home. The glass roof also helps to add extra style to your outside space.

Recently we installed a veranda conservatory for one of our customers. We’re really impressed with the final look (which you can see in the images below). Consequently, we thought that this was the perfect opportunity to tell you all about the veranda style conservatory option.

Veranda conservatory

Recently we installed this veranda conservatory.

Veranda Conservatory

It has an inside and outside space.

So what is a veranda? The veranda aspect of this installation is the additional glass roof which sits beyond the footprint of the conservatory. It is then supported by columns at the front or side of the product. Furthermore, you can chose a range of different column styles, from columns that match the frame of the veranda, to brickwork pillars.

The veranda conservatory is designed to extend the glass roof of your conservatory extension beyond the walls of your extension to create a protected outside space. This provides an area outside which is still protected from the worst of the weather. This can create the perfect outside area for relaxing and enjoying the outside. You can opt to have the open space to the front, or to the side of your conservatory. Therefore this is an option which can work for many homes.

This style of conservatory also works excellently with a large bi-folding door. It means that you can truly open the front of your conservatory into this new outside space. You can therefore bridge the gap between the inside and outside of your home. You can see in the image from our supplier below the opportunity to provides to let the outside in to your home. Find out more about the veranda from the fabricator here.

veranda conservatory

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