When should I replace my windows?

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Our customers often ask us ‘when should I replace my windows?’ – Sometimes it can be hard to know when to replace items in your home, particularly items like windows. Here we give you the run down of when it is best to replace your windows:

Glass is misted over or condensation that you can’t wipe away:

Normally this means that condensation has formed between the panes of glass, which means that the seal has broken. Double glazing is formed of two glass panes and an inner cavity filled with argon gas. When the seal is broken the energy efficiency of the unit is compromised. If you notice that condensation is forming between the window panes then you should start thinking about replacing the unit so that in the winter months you aren’t losing heating through the windows.

Broken Gaskets

If your window openers no longer seal properly, then the likelihood is that the gaskets are broken. If your windows aren’t sealing properly, they you will be losing heat. This is a signal you should replace the window.

Rotting timber windows

Unfortunately, many older houses were fitted with timber windows, and while they can look lovely, they come with a whole host of problems. If the timber in your windows is rotting, you should consider replacing them. Rotten timber can lead to heat loss, the loss of weather tightness, and can look unsightly.

Single glazed units

While it may sounds like a cliché, double glazed glass units really do make a big difference to your energy bills, and they can really reduce drafts. If your windows still have single glazed units then it would definitely be worth investing in replacement windows. The cost of the windows should be offset by the energy savings that you make!

Older windows 

In recent years the developments in the quality and energy efficiency of both frames and glass have been staggering. If your windows are older, then you could be missing out on the new A rated frames which benefit from new technology in the creation process.

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