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Warm Roof Conservatory Installation

Historically, conservatories always had either a glass or polycarbonate roof, the reason being was to create a sunroom. There are two key issues with this design. Firstly is noise. When it rains, especially, you really noticed the sounds of rain hitting glass or plastic. The second issue, was that the rooms suffered from purpose. In the summer, the heat made sunrooms too hot, with the roof acting almost to magnify heat into the conservatory. Conversely, in the winter, too much heat escapes the room, making it too cold to use.

Building Technology

Obviously, with a structure that consisted of full glazing on the side panels, or short walls and glazing, weight has always been an issue with what you can using for conservatory roofing. But, there is an option. As building technology and materials have progressed, we no longer need to rely on traditional building materials to create the same effect, without compromising on a solution that can withstand all weathers.

Warm Tile Roofing For Conservatories

These pictures demonstrate a customer who is refurbishing an existing conservatory construction, with new glazing units and a tiled-roof alternative for their conservatory.

The benefits are many, leaving a room that can be used all-year-round, maximising space and creating an area that can be used in many ways, not just for temperate summer days.

As you can see from this example of a recent conservatory roof installation in Basingstoke, the options on glazing and roofing allow you to personalise your space to match the rest of your home.