Our tips for home safety this summer

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Its now the school summer holidays, which means that many of us will be taking trips away. The last thing that you want to find when you get home is that your home has been broken in to. Home safety is a priority for all of us! Follow our top tips for securing your home while you are away. This will reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted:

1) Ask a friend or neighbour to stop by.

Getting a friend or neighbour to stop by once a day while you are away can help create the illusion that someone is in the house. The biggest give-away that there is no-one home is a pile of mail by your front door, particularly if you have transparent glass in your door.

2) Deadlock front and back door.

Make sure that you fully lock your front and back door when you leave to go on holiday. Don’t just rely on the lever/pad handle. This is because it can be opened by reaching through the letter box with a tool and operating the handle from the inside.

3) Lock windows.

While your windows can only be opened from the inside, for extra peace of mind you can lock your windows to make sure that they are secure.

4) Leave curtains and blinds open.

When you’re away it is best to leave your curtains and blinds open, particularly at the front of the house. It is a big give away that someone isn’t home if your curtains are closed during the day, particularly when the weather is good.

5) Close conservatory roof vents.

It can be easy to forget the openers in your conservatory – make sure that the window openers and roof vents are completely closed in your conservatory.

6) Cancel paper and milk deliveries.

When you see milk bottles building up on a door stop, it is a sure sign that something is wrong, or someone is away. When you’re at the shop cancelling your subscription while you’re away also be careful about what you mention. You don’t have to tell them that you’re going away after all!

7) Lock back and side gates.

Try and restrict access to your back garden by making sure that your side and back gates are completely secure.

8) Lock shed and store your garden furniture away if you can.

Our garden shed can often contain the tools that an opportunistic thief can use to  get into the house. Storing garden furniture away is also ideal. Smaller items can be used to help breach the house, and larger items can be used to reach second story windows.

9) Hide valuables.

Don’t advertise your expensive belongings. Make sure that they are hidden away from windows and doors, so they can’t be seen by an opportunistic thief.

10) Finally, don’t post on social media.

In this digital age there is certainly a temptation to let everyone know about your exciting holiday. However, posting on social media only lets people know that you have left your house empty, and nothing on the internet is truly private.

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