Our Window Spring Cleaning Tips

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As we’ve come to summer more and more people are using the longer days and sunlight to give their housing a freshen up. Here we’ve compiled our list of top spring cleaning tips to leave your Ripton Windows products sparkling:

Our Window Spring Cleaning Tips:

1) Window spring cleaning should start with the frames. Window frames can be washed with mild soap and warm water. Make sure you don’t use any form of solvent based abrasive cleaner.

2) Try to open all of the windows in the house – after a winter of being closed they might be a bit stiff, so make sure all of the locks and handles work. Lubricate when necessary.

3) Don’t forget your guttering as part of your spring cleaning – the last thing you want is a tennis ball lost last summer blocking your downpipe and causing a leak!

4) Metal letter boxes, handles, catches and door knockers have a protective coating which will wear off if you clean with any type of metal cleaner or polish – you only need a damp cloth.

5) Make sure to give your hinges, locks, and handles a light spray with silicon machine oil every three months.

6) It seems to be a popular tip to clean windows with newspaper. However, newspapers have ink and chemicals which can damage your windows and mark your hands. Use a microfibre cloth, or a squeegee.

7) Make sure you regularly inspect the tracks for your patio doors and remove any debris so operations remains smooth and keeps the rollers undamaged. Lubricate twice a year with a silicone based machine oil product as a minimum.

Further Advice:

8) Clean out the guttering around your conservatory to make sure you don’t get any over spill when we have bad weather – leaves can be pesky things and blocked gutters or downpipes are not covered by your guarantee.

9) When cleaning your windows remember to pay particular attention to any edges, corners, leading, bevels and colour overlays.

10) Polycarbonate roof panels of conservatories should be cleaned every three or four months. Please don’t try and walk on your conservatory roof though!

11) Try and wash your windows on a cloudy day – direct sunlight will dry them too quickly and could leave streaks.

12) Use mild soap, warm water and long handled soft brushes to clean your conservatory roof. Try not to lean ladders against your guttering.

13) Try and wipe down the inside of windows to prevent damp and mildew build up.

14) Don’t forget to clean your window openers – dust and dirt can gather as we start to leave our windows open a little more.

15) Don’t forget your window cills – a bit of elbow grease can go a long way to match your sparkling windows.

16) Don’t forget your front door! Use soapy water and gently wash down the surfaces including the frame and external cills. Be careful when cleaning the gaskets and make sure to remove any grit and dirt that may have stuck to them.

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