Introducing: The WARMroof System

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Rebecca James | 21st February 2017

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An exciting new tiled roof option is the WARMroof. The WARMroof is designed to negate the risk of condensation, and is the latest innovation in tiled roof technology.

We are excited to tell you about this new innovation in tiled roof technology. This is another fantastic product from Prefix Systems. The WARMroof has been designed to be structurally solid, insulated and warm. Furthermore, it is designed to look good too!

Some of the benefits:

Firstly, they are quick and easy installation:

  • Products can be installed quicker because of the use of ‘A Frames’.
  • Furthermore, the panels can drop into place easily, which means that it can take only two days for it to be fully installed.
  • Additionally, any Velux roof lights (windows in the tiled roof) are fixed into the panels before hand. This again speeds up the installation process.

Secondly, the WARMroof is insulated and designed to keep in the warmth

  • Most noteworthy, it is the only tiled roof system that is insulated in the eaves. This therefore helps prevent condensation.
  • Additionally, insulation comes as part of the panel. This is due to the WARMroof technology, which keeps the heat in.

Thirdly, it is structurally sound

  • The roof has been proven to the latest Eurocodes. Consequently, this means that it is structurally sound in all UK postcodes.
  • Additionally, it has been structurally tested to take the weight of both lightweight tiles and traditional clay, or slate tiles.
  • Finally, the roof is designed for any roof angle, design, or pitch configuration.

We’re really excited by this new innovation! Most of all, the WARMroof is designed to work for you. Furthermore, it is particularly ideal for a conservatory replacement project, or if you want a new space in your home that is energy efficient and works for you!

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