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Integrated Window Blinds

We have just completed this conservatory install in Bramley, Hampshire. The warm-roof construction has a three-panelled bi-folding door for easy access to the garden, with additional windows on two other sides and skylight windows built into the roof.

One of the beauties of newer warm-roof conservatories is that you can make much more use of glazing with larger windows and doors without compromising on the structural integrity of the new room.

Many of our customers take full advantage of this with bi-folding doors – a set of doors that slide right open, leaving a fuller entrance between the conservatory and the garden.

But, one issue that having more glass can create is with the sun, especially in the morning and evening, and during the winter months as the sun is much lower.

Luckily, this is not a problem with integrated window blinds, which can be part of the installation, removing the need for additional curtains or blinds.

With integrated blinds for double glazing, the blind itself is built into the glazing – between the two panes – so any shade moves with the window or door. The clean, sealed environment keeps the integrated blinds dust-free, with no trailing wires or pulley systems, and is operated small sliding control on the frame. 

morley glass integrated blinds


There is a range of options for your integrated blinds, including Venetian blinds and pleated blinds.

They also come in a range of colours, including blackout blinds that you can really block the light out when you need to.

The mechanism within the integrated blinds can also be mechanised with remote control if you so wish.

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