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What are composite doors made of?

We often get asked the question: What are composite doors made of?

While you might not have thought much about it, you only have to look round a reasonably large street these days to see a composite door. More and more people are opting for the door in the place of traditional plastic or timber doors. And, if you’ve visited our showroom, you might have seen one up close. Additionally, you might have seen the corner pieces that we have on display. Seeing the corner will often encourage our customers to ask what composite doors are made out of.

So what are the materials?

Composite doors are made out of, as the name might suggest, a selection of different materials. Our composite doors come in two different thicknesses: 44mm and 70mm. The thickness of the door influences the amount of high-density polyurethane foam. This is the material at the centre of the composite door. Furthermore, it then has a PVC subframe and an outer frame which has steel reinforcement. Finally, composite doors have a GRP surface, which replicates a wood grain look. What is GRP? Take a look at our recent article to find out more!

As a result of the composite materials, a composite door is more energy efficient and secure. Furthermore, you get the wood grain effect, without any of the maintenance problems of timber doors. Most importantly, a composite door gives you many more options than a plastic door.

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