Ten Great Reasons For Having A Tiled-Roof Conservatory

tiled roof conservatories Basingstoke

For people looking to improve their homes and add extra living space, conservatories are a great option.  With the advances in building material technology, you can now enjoy conservatories all year round, with more energy efficient glazing and a solid roof option that allows for a sun-filled room, without compromising on heat loss in the […]

Condensation on Windows: How to Prevent it

prevent window condensation

  Condensation on windows can be the start of problems with mould and mildew As the nights get darker and the cold weather starts to set in, it can be easy to forget our windows. However, keeping on top of your window maintenance can save time and trouble. One of the easiest ways that you […]

What are composite doors made of?

composite front doors

We often get asked the question: What are composite doors made of? While you might not have thought much about it, you only have to look round a reasonably large street these days to see a composite door. More and more people are opting for the door in the place of traditional plastic or timber […]

What is GRP?

What is GRP? What is uPVC? Our guide to understanding some of the most frequently used acronyms in the double glazing industry.