Bespoke Orangeries – Considerations and Questions to Ask

Every Ripton Windows installation is made to measure, designed specifically for you. With that in mind, we’ve collected together a selection of tips and hints for designing bespoke orangeries.

Adding any space to your home requires a lot of consideration – designing bespoke orangeries is no different. You have to consider how big you want to go, what your budget is, and who you want to design and install the products. In addition to these considerations, we’ve collected together some hints and tips to help you along the process.

Things to ask and consider when embarking on a bespoke orangery project:

Firstly, what do you want to use the space for?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before you start. While you might not be sure about this at the start, it is worth taking a look at what other people have used their orangeries for. The use of the space has an impact on a wide range of the decisions you will make about your bespoke orangery. It impacts the configuration of the frames, how high the walls are, and where the pillars sit. Furthermore, the ways you want to use the space will impact the heating and lighting requirements for the space.

Secondly, what type of doors do you want?

Do you want to have a single door, patio door, french doors or bi-folding doors opening to your garden. Deciding this will influence where you can put furniture in your new space, so it is worth considering. Additionally, the width of the doors impacts where the pillars can go in your orangery. Because of this the doors you opt for are an important thing to think about.

Thirdly, do you need planning permission?

A little while back we wrote about getting planning permission for your orangery. It is well worth you taking a look at the rules which rule planning permission, as you don’t want to get caught out. Generally, if you want more than a 4m projection on a detached house or 3m projection on a semi-detached house you need planning permission, but this does depend on if you’ve had an extension already. Most importantly, if you’re not sure, ask. Our team can help you will all aspects of the planning permission process.

Finally, what colour do you want it to be?

Any bespoke orangery is going to be a big addition to your home – you want to make sure that the colour you chose matches in with your property. Furthermore, there are a wider range of options than you probably think, so its worth exploring your choices.