11th October 2016 | Rebecca James

Its easy to say that a brand new composite door can make a massive difference to your home. However, it is even more clear when you take a look at these before and after photographs.

stable door


Stable door

After interior view

stable door


Our customers gave us their view of this stable door installation:

Expertly and rapidly installed. Superb quality and it looks stunning. Excellent

Mr & Mrs E

October 2016

Stable doors are a traditional style of door that have been traditionally used in farm houses, and were built from wood. They are a secure feature which affords you flexibility in controlling how you open your house to the outside.

A stable door is a great option between your home and garden. This is true, particularly if you want to have the door open to let fresh air in, but don’t want to let an errant child or pet run wild without you realizing it. With a stable door you can leave the bottom half lock securely closed, and have the top half open to let you look out into the garden. You can have a stable door in both uPVC and composite materials,

Our stable doors come with the same security features that our uPVC and composite doors come with as standard. You can also chose several glass and door options. Installing a stable door means that you can allow air to circulate your home while keeping out any animals like foxes or stray cats.

This composite stable door has a chartwell green colour on the outside and a white colour on the inside. It has a small side panel on the right hand side. Additionally, the small decorative glass window, and obscure glass in the side panel shows some of the glass options you have.

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