Deceuninck’s new innovative Slide and Swing doors are the perfect to save space and maintain security. It is a new way to get between the house and the outside world. Ripton Windows customers can now take advantage of this fantastic new system.

The brand new Deceuninck Slide and Swing door has come to Ripton Windows. We couldn’t be more excited to show out customers the fantastic benefits of this door system.

  • Firstly, the door system includes several panels which act independently of one another
  • Secondly, there is no visible hardware like guides or hinges – instead they are internal.
  • The only hardware you can see is on what is called the master door. You have a door handle and hinges, and this door can be hinged on the left or right, or alternatively it can be hinged on both sides. Consequently, this means that the system can be split with the door leafs moving to both sides of the opening.
  • Finally, the door finish is the unique Deceuninck ‘Colour 360‘ finish. Additionally, the profile is painted all of the way around.
Slide and Swing

What makes the Deceuninck Slide and Swing door different to its contemporaries?

Most importantly, the new Slide and Swing door has a magnet on each sash. This only allows the door to pivot when it meets a corresponding catch on another panel. Consequently, this means that doors can be placed along the opening at strategic intervals. Alternatively, they can be pushed all the way to the side and turned. There are also magnets in the profile, which means that when the doors are stacked together the individual leaves do not flap about.

Crucially, this is the only door system that allows you to leave the door leafs in any position. It is perfect to give a room a little ventilation, or alternatively you can have a wider door opening at any part of the space. Finally, this opening can be on the left, right, or even in the middle.

Want to find out more about the fantastic slide and swing door?

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