Rebecca James | 2nd August 2016

With so many websites and people telling you who to trust, we are proud to be a member of the GGF, the industry standard, and of Trustmark, the government endorsed standard.

It seems like today you can’t turn on the TV, open a newspaper, or turn on the radio without seeing someone who claims they know who the best tradesmen are, or who you can trust to perform works on your home. Search ‘Ripton Windows Review’ and you’ll find plenty of review sites claiming that they know who you should trust.

Looking at other people’s reviews of a company can certainly be helpful. It’s why we have our customers testimonials page, and encourage all of our customers to leave feedback. However, they are not the only thing you want to look for when looking for a company to trust. That is why we believe that being part of regulated schemes is important.

Ripton Windows Review
Ripton Windows Review


We have been members of the GGF, the Glass and Glazing Federation, for 16 years. The GGF represent companies that make, supply, or sell glass and glass related products, like we do. As well as representing us, the GGF is also a crucial layer of protection for the consumer. Additionally, the GGF have a strict vetting process for all members, and a stringent code of conduct. Also, by choosing a GGF member you are covered by the GGF Conciliation Service and Customer Deposit Scheme.

Trustmark Tradesmen

Trustmark is a non profit organisation, licensed by the government, which works with consumer protection groups. It is designed to ensure that customers are getting the best service possible. All Trustmark tradesmen have to be independently checked, including on site inspections and checks of financial status and trading record. Additionally, as a Trustmark company we had to sign a code of conduct, and offer warranty on our products, so you have peace of mind.

We want all of our customers to know how highly we value our good company name. The fact that we have been in business as Ripton Windows Limited for twenty years now is testament to our dedication to good old fashioned customer service.

Finally, why not take a look at our Ripton Windows Review page, or at more information about our accreditations to find out more.

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