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Soffits, fascias and guttering in Basingstoke

We have been supplying and installing soffits, fascias and guttering in Basingstoke homes since 1996 and have a large selection available to suit your requirements and your budget.

Our products are manufactured with the highest grade PVCu materials and are resistant to rotting, splitting, warping, and cracking, plus, they are fully weatherproofed. This means that they’ll last for many years with very low maintenance.

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Our replacement fascias are full replacements, not just a capping over, so you can be sure that problems are eliminated and not just hidden away. The fascias come in white, brown, oak, and black, and we also have the option of decorative bargeboards, which can be convex or concave in white.


Guttering is a crucial part of the house when you have the kind of changeable weather that we have in the UK. We have the choice of square guttering or round guttering as standard, with deep flow guttering available for large roof areas. You also have the option of ogee guttering, which is a more decorative option.


We offer vented soffit boards or circular vents, planked effect or smooth boards in a variety of colours including the ever popular Anthracite grey.

We also offer an over-soffit ventilation system as an alternative if you do not wish venting via the soffit. This system clips/screws together and provides ventilation for the whole width of the roof*, because the interlocking system gives ventilation while maintaining water tightness, eliminating water leakage and blocking out large vermin and insects on curved tiles only.

Our expert surveyors will choose the best option under current regulations for your roofline.


Our 150mm shiplap cladding provides a protective layer over the external walls of the house and can be used to give a decorative finish. The uPVC cladding comes in white, light oak, rosewood, black, and cream foil and is perfect to replace old timber or metal cladding, with high durability from top quality materials. You can also have insulation placed behind your cladding to help increase the energy efficiency of your home.

*Not applicable on certain roof constructions, a suitable replacement will be used.

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