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The Outdoor Living Range offers a variety of premium Verandahs, Canopies and Pergolas.

Prefix Systems offers a collection of the finest quality outdoor living products available on the market. This premium range offers customisation options including colour, style, and hardware, making these products perfect to enhance any home.

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The Outdoor Living Range is available in North Hampshire from Ripton Windows. A premium range of Verandahs, Canopies and Pergolas backed up with quality installation, great customer service and over 25 years in the business.

Outdoor Living Products

Prefix Systems offer a variety of outdoor living products suitable for year round enjoyment. 

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Classic Verandah
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Contemporary Verandah
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All our windows, doors and conservatories come with a guarantee of ten years. This is backed up with an Insurance-Backed Gurantee offering you complete peace of mind.

Classic Verandah

Our fully bespoke Classic Verandah system can be used to create a stunning, contemporary patio area allowing homeowners to enjoy their garden all year round.

With it’s traditional features & decorative brackets, our Classic Verandah is ideal for a range of applications including domestic homes, or commercial properties such as care homes, schools, pubs and restaurants and is also ideal for walkways, entrance ways and outdoor eating areas where shelter from outdoor elements is required.

The Classic Verandah is bespoke and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Made from aluminium with a choice of post and foot options, it can be glazed with either glass or polycarbonate, so you can rest assured they meet most budgets.

Classic Verandah installation in North Hampshire

Classic Verandah Foot Options

Classic Verandah Colour Options


The Contemporary Verandah is known for its sleek, modern, robust look and is equipped with a reinforced gutter profile. This contemporary aluminium Verandah provides a solid and stylish extension to your home. From your first coffee in the morning until the setting of the sun, regardless of the weather conditions you can enjoy unobstructed and open views. 

The contemporary Verandah can also be used for commercial properties including restaurants, pubs, schools or anywhere else shelter from outdoor elements is required. Aluminium Verandahs have a long life span, meaning that a single investment gives you many years of care-free enjoyment of outdoor living.

The Contemporary Verandah is available with a polycarbonate or glass roof option for uninterrupted daylight and it comes up to 4000mm wide with just two support posts, yet it is capable of widths over 7000mm and beyond with additional posts.

Contemporary Verandah Installers in Berkshire

Contemporary Verandah Optional Extras

The Contemporary Verandah can be enhanced with sliding glass doors, side walls, key frames, glass door handles, LED lighting,  and concrete footings.

Contemporary Verandah Colour Options


The Pergola creates an outdoor space with a modern design that offers protection against sun, wind, rain and other elements. This ensures exceptional quality of outdoor living.

The difference between our Verandah systems & the Pergola is the aluminium louvered roof which is available with manual or electric options so you can easily tilt the panels in the roof to a different position allowing you to control the light, shade and airflow under the roof.

The panels of the Pergola roof can be tilted up to 120° with the synchronous moving panels offering you an open space – perfect for those warmer days.

The manual option is available as a free-standing option, with the electric option available in both free standing and wall fixed options. The electric option can also be joined together to create a larger outdoor living space.

Pergola Installers in Hampshire

Pergola Optional Extras

The Pergola can be enhanced with sliding glass doors, side walls, key frames, glass door handles, LED lighting,  and concrete footings.

Pergola Colour Options

Electric option is available in Grey. Manual option is available in White or Black.


Slim, elegant & competitively priced, the Canopy is perfect for carports, walkways and patios.

An affordable aluminium canopy with a timeless and smooth design, its heavy constructed system is a cost effective option for a canopy solution for your home.

The number one option when it comes to quality & price with it’s slim design offering excellent value for money.

Carport Installers in Basingstoke

Carport Optional Extras

The Carport can be enhanced with LED lighting options for ambient lighting and Concrete Footings for stability.

Carport Colour Options

Optional Extras

Sliding Glass Doors for Verandahs


Add glass sliding door panels to your Verandah or Pergola. The tracking system makes sure all panels are moved automatically when opening or closing them & the carriers can be mounted in a flexible way meaning you can decide where the panels overlap. You can also add glass door handles to avoid stains and fingerprints.

Compatible with Contemporary Verandah & Pergola

Key Frames for Verandahs


This covers the sloped part between the roof and top of the side wall to partially close the Verandah or Pergola on one side. It is made from aluminium frame and either glass or polycarbonate glazing. Available in 3 colours; white, cream white or grey

Compatible with Contemporary Verandah & Pergola

Installers of Verandah Side Walls in Basingstoke

Side Wall

A side wall allows you to close at one or both sides to protect you from wind & rain allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space for longer and no matter what the weather. The side walls are wind-proof and are available glazed with polycarbonate or glass. Available in 3 colours; cream white & grey.

Compatible with Contemporary Verandah & Pergola

Glass Handles for Verandah Glass Doors


Open your glass doors without stains or fingerprints by adding our glass door handles. Allows for even easier opening & closing and makes for low maintenance and cleaning. These door handles can be attached easily to the glass door panels at a place of your liking. You can choose between adhesive handles and screw-on handles.

Compatible with Contemporary Verandah & Pergola

Outdoor LED Lights for Verandah


Add LED lighting to create ambient outdoor lighting and enjoy your outdoors at night. These lights are dimmable LED recessed spotlights and come with a remote control for extra comfort!

Compatible with Contemporary Verandah , Pergola & Carport

Concrete Footings for Bespoke Verandah


Your Verandah, Pergola or Carport can be installed on any existing surface. For extra stability or when a solid foundation isn’t available, you can choose concrete footings. They can be easily installed out of sight with or without rainwater drain.

Compatible with Contemporary Verandah , Pergola & Carport

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