8th November 2016 | Scott Ripton

In his latest blog Scott Ripton talks about porch improvement. Firstly, he comments how replacing the window frames and door on your porch can make a big difference to the appearance of your home. Additionally, he shows you a project we recently installed.

porch improvement

Firstly, before our installation began.

porch improvement

Secondly, in the middle of the installation process.

porch improvement

Finally, after the work had been completed.

Recently, the Ripton Windows installations team has been installing a lot of composite doors. I can understand why, because our composite doors come with fantastic security features, and look great too!  Adding a composite door to your porch can help to modernise the appearance of your home, particularly if you opt for a contemporary style door. Porch improvement is also a great way to change the look of your home, by replacing the old windows with brand new frames and glass. As a result, you can help improve the appearance of the entrance way to your house .

The above images show the transformation to the home of one of our customers who has chosen to do exactly that. Originally this house had diamond lead and a white front door. This can look a little dated, particularly with the diamond lead in the front door. They chose to replace the windows with conventional glass sealed units with no lead, and decorative glass sealed units in the door. They have also chosen to change their door to a different style and colour. Consequently, the new blue colour combined with the chrome door fittings gives the front of this house a whole new look.

You can find more examples of our composite doors on our blog here or you can keep up to date with all of our installations on our Facebook page.

Scott Ripton


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