We are delighted that the fantastic Residence 9 profile of windows has been expanded, with the new Residence Collection.

We love the look and classic style of the Residence 9 window, so we were really excited when we heard that the collection was expanding. This includes the new Residence Collection including Residence 7, Residence 8, and Residence2, in addition to the existing Residence 9 system.

Residence 7

The new expansion of the Residence Collection starts with the brand new Residence 7 profile. This new window system is a thinner profile than the Residence 9 profile. It has seven separate chambers, and is 75mm wide. It is always flush on the inside of the window, and you can chose whether it is flush to the outside or storm. This new profile replicates the conservation area friendly look of Residence 9, with a thinner profile, You can also have double or triple glazed units in the window.

Residence collection

Residence 8

The new Residence 8 window profile has a 85mm frame depth, and includes eight chambers within the profile. It can also include both double or triple glazed glass sealed units. It also comes in a variety of different colour profile options.


The new Residence2 window features the same number of chambers and same depth as the Residence 9 window. It has nine chambers the window profile is 100mm deep. This profile differs to the Residence 9 system however, as it has a squared off edge internally, rather than the decorative finish of the Residence 9 internal frame.

Residence Collection

Fantastic colour options with the Residence Collection

There are plenty of colour options avaliable with the new Residence 7 window. Foiled Colour options include Grained White, Clotted Cream, Cotswold Biscuit, Painswick, Cotsowld Green, Silvered Oak. Addtionally, you can have English Oak, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Eclectic Grey, Corse Lawn, No.10 Black and Rosewood. Alternatively, you can chose a Matt finish, which comes in No. 38 Grey, Vintage Cream and Chalk White.

Plenty of hardware options

The new Residence Collection profiles also come with the beautiful bespoke hardware you have come to expect from the Residence 9 system, with monkey tail and pear drop handles available to add some classic detail to your home.

Visit the Residence Collection website to find out more about this fantastic range of products.

Residence Collection

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