18th October 2016 | Rebecca James

October 2016 is National Home Security Month.

National Home Security Month is a month long event sponsored by Yale. This project which is designed to get home owners thinking about how they can best protect their homes. Doors and windows are central to the security of your home, so we give you our top tips for keeping your home safe and secure.

Keep your doors and windows locked

This might sound like a simple one. However, it is really important that even when you are inside your house you keep your doors and windows locked, particularly those on the ground floor. Plenty of burglars gain access to homes in the evening or later on at night through an unlocked back door. When you leave your home, make sure that none of your windows are left open, particularly those that can be easily viewed from the street.

Keep your valuables out of sight

Electronic devices are part of every day life. Unfortunately, they can be easy targets for opportunistic thieves because they are small and easy to transport. Don’t advertise their presence in your home by leaving them where they can be seen from outside. If you have jewelry and cash in your home it is worth investing in a small safe. This can be particularly useful if it can be bolted to the floor or wall to keep your valuables in.

Keep garden furniture and tools locked away

The majority of thieves are opportunistic, so it is important that you keep garden furniture which can be easily moved. You should also make sure garden tools locked away in a shed or in the garage. Garden furniture and tools can be used to gain access to your house, so make sure that they are locked away and out of sight.

Think about the borders of your property

If you live in a detached or semi detached property you should make sure that you have a locked gate blocking the way to the back of your property. It is also important to keep hedges tidy to allow better visibility, and it can be worth installing CCTV so that you can monitor your home when you are away. Alarm systems are also a proven deterrent for burglars, and can provide peace of mind in case of a break in.

Invest in products with high quality security features

Choosing door and window products which have been designed with your safety and security in mind is key. Make sure when you get replacement windows that you ask about fire egress hinges and locking mechanisms. When looking at replacement doors check what kind of locking mechanism you are getting. Additionally, check whether the type of handle means that the door can be unlocked from the outside without a key. Patio doors, French doors, and bi-folding doors are also ways of getting into your home. Consequently, make sure you ask about their security features, and ensure that they include toughened glass.

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