Rebecca James | 24th January 2017

In our latest blog, we take a look at the newest innovation in window production – the Infinity weld.

We are always on the lookout for new innovations in the double glazing world, and the Räum Infinity corner weld is one that recently caught our eye. This corner weld replicates the timber window corner. Our window supplier, Dekko Windows, has started to produce new windows with the Räum Infinity corner weld, therefore we investigated what this innovation actually is, and what it means for our customers.

timber window corner

Designed to replicate a timber window corner

Traditionally plastic windows are very obviously plastic. The place where the two pieces of plastic meet makes it very clear that the material used is PVC. This is something that this new product aims to address. More people are thinking about the aesthetic of their windows, as well as the energy efficiency of the product. The Räum Infinity welding process is designed to replicate the look of a timber window corner. During the manufacturing process, the excess plastic is pushed into the frame, which gives the sleeker look you can see in the image above.

Timber look with less hassle

This welding option gives you the ability to have the appearance of a timber window, without the associated problems. A lack of energy efficiency and the maintenance demands of a timber window mean that PVC is often the best option for a modern home. However, the Räum Infinity weld allows you to meld these modern convienences with a style which suits you. This weld is avaliable in both the 2500 chamfered system, and the 2800 decorative system. It also comes in 42 different window colours and woodgrain finishes.

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