Iain Golding | 23rd August 2016

In our latest blog, Iain Golding looks at some of the handles and window cills avaliable. They can add style and a unique finish to your Ripton Windows products.

White handles seem to be the default choice these days for windows and conservatories. If you’re looking for an easy way to add a little style and uniqueness to your home, decorative handles and window cills are definitely an option you should consider.

Our window handles come in a range of different colour options. This includes chrome, gold, silver, and antique black, and multiple decorative styles. Additionally, you can have traditional handles or eighteenth-century pear drop and monkey tails.

Another option, which is typically more suitable for a conservatory, is a decorative cill. In addition to our normal cills we also install the DecStone decorative cill, which is a handmade stone effect cill.

Below are a selection of different handles and window cills that we have in our showroom. If you want to find out more about the options avaliable, why not pop in and see them in person?

Iain Golding

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handles and window cills

This image shows the range of different colours our monkey tail handles can come in. From gold to chrome, there is a finish to suit everyone.

handles and window cills

These replica antique pear drop handles are designed to fit with our Residence 9 window system (you can find out more about the Residence Collection on our blog). They are designed to replicate eighteenth-century timber windows, and can add style to the inside of your home.

handles and window cills

These DecStone window cills are handmade stone effect window cills, designed to add a little style to the inside of your windows. There are eight different finishes. Additionally, they have been designed to be resistant to stains from tea, coffee, and other potential liquids split in the home.

handles and window cills

Finally, just because you’ve chosen a traditional handle, doesn’t mean that it has to be white. We have colour options for this style handle as well.

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