Iain Golding| 3rd January 2017

In our latest blog, our conservatory design guru Iain talks about the design process. Finally, he gives you a look at some of the design drawings which are created through the process.

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve just come back after the winter break, and all looking forward to the weather starting to get warmer. As we head into spring, you might start thinking about spring and summer home improvement projects. One option you might be considering is a new conservatory, orangery, or garden room. These are all projects which are designed by myself, and either Matthew and Stuart, alongside our customers. This is because every installation we create is bespoke and unique. Conservatory design is an essential part of the process, because it allows you to visualize what the final product will look like.

So how does it work?

Firstly, Matthew and Stuart will have anĀ initial appointment, where they talk to any customer about their specifications and ideas. They bring their notes from the conversation and any rough drawings come back to the office. At this point I get all of the information they have collected, along with the measurements that have been discussed. I then come up with technical drawings which reflect the products that we propose. These drawings come with a selection of aspect profiles, and give you an idea of the colour, design, size, and any particular features which you have requested. You get to see how each piece of the puzzle fits together.

Below you can see some of the design renderings that we provide for all of our customers as part of the quoting process. Most noteworthy is that it shows you a variety of different perspectives on any proposed project. This one is a design that I came up with recently, when thinking about what I’d like to put on the back of my house!

Iain Golding

Conservatory design and installations

conservatory design
conservatory design

This conservatory is designed with Sage green foil frames, a sunburst gable front, bi-folding doors, and french doors at either end of the T shaped design. It is designed so everything is balanced around the centre point of the sunburst gable frame.

These drawings show a selection of the different views we offer to our customers. We offer as much information as possible, so you can make an informed decision.

conservatory design

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