Rebecca James| 13th September

A Garden Room can be a great energy efficient space to add to your home.

Garden Rooms
Garden Rooms
Garden Rooms

What is one of our Garden Room?

One of our Garden Rooms are a great alternative to a conservatory if you want to add space to your home, but you’re also concerned about having a warm and energy efficient space. Made from brickwork dwarf walls, glass sealed units and frames, therefore t is much like a traditional conservatory. However, what makes the Garden Room unique is that the roof is made up of tiles. The interior of the room is then plastered, with downlights installed into the ceiling, or your choice of lighting fixtures. You can also have a Velux roof vent in the roof, which means that you can get natural light in, in addition to the windows.

Why choose a Garden Room?

Garden Rooms are fantastic for adding space, and because they have a tiled roof it is more energy efficient. Consequently, it is a room that you can use all year round for a variety of purposes. A tiled roof also gives you a little more privacy if your house is overlooked. It will also be a much quicker process than a traditional extension, meaning less disruption for your family. If you are looking for an easy way to add an extra room to your house then a Ripton Windows Garden Room would suit you!

How does installing one work?

A Garden Room installation is not much different to installing a conservatory, it just takes a little longer. You can find out more about the process here. One of our team will work with you to create a room exactly to your specifications. You can choose the window frame colour, tile colour, style of the room, and layout of the space. Our builders will dig out and prepare a base if there isn’t already one in the space, and build the dwarf walls to your specifications. Our experience fitting team will then install the window frames and roof before finally our electrician and plasterer finish off the inside.

Find out more about Garden Rooms

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