13th December 2016 | Stuart Ripton


In our latest blog post Stuart Ripton takes a look at some of the garage doors our team have installed recently.


Did you know that, in addition to windows, doors, and conservatories, we also supply and install garage doors?

Recently our garage door installation team have been working hard! They have been installing a wide range of different garage doors around Basingstoke and the surrounding area. In the gallery below you can see some images of some of these installations. It seems like people have been opting for a wide range of colours!

Garage doors are no longer just an additional entry way to your house which your car can fit through. They take up a significant portion of the front of your house, so how they look makes a big difference. White is no longer your only option. Consequently, our customers are often opting for garage doors which either match or complement their front doors. The midnight blue option, for example, looks fantastic alongside a steel blue composite door. Colours range from cherry and monarch reds to chartwell and balmoral greens. They also range from anthracite and ageta greys, to camoflage beige and conker brown.

Colour is not the only style option you have – you can also opt for different designs. For example, did you know that you can get side hinged steel doors, which open in the middle? If you want a traditional up and over garage door your options include chevron designs, or a door with glazed panels at the top. It also no longer has to be an effort to open your garage door with one of our automatic roller doors. These doors roll open at the click of a button, but are still safe and secure when closed.

Stuart Ripton


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