Rebecca James | 27th April 2017

A replacement door installation can make all of the difference to the appearance of your home.

We sometimes get asked how much difference a door installation can make to a home. While it might seem like a small thing, any door is an entrance to your home. It is the first thing any visitor sees, and leaves a lasting first impression. By replacing an old wooden door you can change the look of your home completely.

Still not convinced? Take a look at a recent door installation by Ripton Windows, pictured below.

door installation

The door which was in place before our installation, complete with peeling paint.

door installation

The brand new door installed by Ripton Windows.

This replacement door installation goes to show that you don’t have to opt for a coloured composite door to make a difference to your home. The replacement white door looks clean, sharp and modern, particularly when you compare it to the old door, with its peeling paint. The new door style looks great in this space. The brand new side light and top light windows in this door really make a difference as well. Replacing the two really small side windows with one larger full height panel not only looks great, it will also let a lot more light into this home. Replacing the dull blue colour also hasn’t muted the appearance of this door – in fact the brilliant white of the PVC door looks so much more modern.

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