Rebecca James | 8th March 2017

Ever thought about having Residence 9 windows? You can now see what they might look like on your property with the new Residence 9 designer.

Design Your Windows

Have you ever wondered if you could design your windows? Now with the Residence 9 designer you can chose a property which looks most like your own and design every aspect of your windows. First you chose the property style which best matches your home. The options are contemporary habitat, country cottage, beautiful bays, modern living, elegant retreat and rustic charm.

Once you have chosen the house style, now the fun really starts. You can chose a wide range of colours for both internal and external window frames, depending on what colour combination tales your interest. You can then chose from contemporary, traditional, tear drop, and pear drop hardware styles, and decide whether you’d like to have single or double Georgian bars in your windows. Some options aren’t available on all house styles on the designer, so it is worth playing around with the different options to get a sense of the options that you have. Nevertheless, the Residence 9 designer is the perfect opportunity for you to visualise what Residence 9 will look like in your home!