Bay windows are a stunning addition to any home, and you can do a lot with the space provided by the bay. Take a look at our favourite design ideas to inspire your next home decoration project.

 Window Seat:

Window seats are an old, but certainly not defunct option for your bay window space. They are sometimes created by bridging the space between the sides of a large bay window. They can also be made in the space where the internal window cill sits. You can also create a window seat set deeper into the  area below the window. This mean you get the full view. Add comfy cushions to the space to create the perfect daytime reading spot. Additionally, seat cushions come in a wide range of colours and designs. You can therefore make a statement with a bold print that draws the eye to the window space. Alternatively, choose a more neutral cream to focus attention on the view from the window.

Bay windows

Wrap around sofa

Window seats are not the only option for your bay window space, if you are looking for a comfy seating area for your home. If you have full height bay windows, make use of the extra floor space by placing a sofa in the space. This will add another comfortable space to your room, and can increase your floor space. After all, what’s nicer than sitting comfortably wrapped up, looking out on your garden in the winter?

Full length curtains and statement blinds:

A bay window takes up a large portion of your wall space, and when the curtains are open you get a fantastic view. But as the winter months approach our curtains are going to be closed more. You want to make sure that the curtains or blinds you have in the space are just as lovely to look at. Furthermore, a bold statement blind with a bright colour or striking pattern will sit flush against your windows, and give a greater impression of space. Full length curtains will also create the impression of space, whether they are open or closed.

Bay windows

Desk space:

A desk space inside your bay windows is a great alternative to consider for your lounge or study. Having the option of looking behind your computer to the view outside can provide inspiration, far more than a standard wall. Furthermore, with all of the unique styles of desk available now, you will be able to find a work station that can suit your needs.

Trailing Bay set

Finally, a trailing bay set can add colour and some sparkle to your bay windows. Decorative glass is a great way of making a statement with your double glazing. If you’re having a bay window fitted, ask about the options for decorative glass in the top light. Alternatively, if you’ve had your bay window for a while, you could consider replacing the glass to add a little extra to the window.

Bay windows

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