Rebecca James | 28th February 2017

Keeping your conservatory upkeep up to date can maintain your products for years to come.

Whether you’ve just had a brand new conservatory installed, or yours is a couple of years old, keeping on top of your conservatory upkeep can make a massive difference. If you ensure that you are on top of any maintenance then your products will last for years to come.

Regularly check your guttering

Some of the most frequent issues that we see come from blocked and over flowing guttering, which can lead to a whole range of problems. Make sure that you regularly check the guttering for any blockages, and clean out any leaves or debris which may have made its way into the gutter, particularly after any heavy winds or storms. Don’t forget to check the downpipes as well – debris can get stuck and slowly build up in the downpipe so it is essential you keep on top of this cleaning.

Check the roof panels

If you have glass roof panels, the likelihood is that it will have self cleaning glass. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to give them a clean over, particularly getting rid of any moss, or anything which may have fallen onto the roof from the surrounding area. After any bad weather you should also check the roof panels for any cracks or faults. This is particularly a problem after snow, as the weight on the roof can cause panes to crack.

When you are cleaning the roof, please be careful, and do not climb up onto it!

Check for condensation

This part of your conservatory upkeep should also be applied to your house windows – condensation can cause problems with damp and mould. If you notice any water sitting on the inside of the window frames, make sure to wipe it away immediately, to avoid damp setting in.

Lubricate hardware

Make sure that any handles, locks, and hinges are lubricated regularly. The last thing you want when you open your conservatory doors after a winter of keeping them closed is a sticking hinge or lock.

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