Understanding the nuts and bolts that make up your conservatory can help when planning your home installation. Conservatory roofs, windows and doors all come together to create the perfect space for your home.

There are several different conservatory roofs available for your home improvement project. Therefore, it is important to understand all of the options.

Roof Options

Firstly, conservatory roofs come in a selection of shapes based on the footprint of your installation. You can have a P shape, square, rectangle, or T shaped roof installed. Secondly, there are more options for your conservatory roof than you might think. You can opt for our polycarbonate roof option, or for the self cleaning glass roof. Did you also know that you can have a Liv-In Room roof on our conservatories? This style mimics the orangery, and looks fantastic


Many of our window frame options can be installed into our bespoke conservatories. Whether you want the heritage chamfered or sculptured window profiles, we can match your existing double glazing. Additionally, you can go for coloured frames to give your home installation a real pop.


When you install a brand new conservatory thinking about how you want to enter and exit the installation is important. Whether you want a front facing set of bi-folding doors to bring the outside in, or you want a large patio door so you can make the most of the view, the options are available to you. Or maybe you want a set of classic French doors?

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Considering Home Security

It's a sobering thought that a householder is attacked by a burglar every 30 minutes in the UK (Daily Mail). Although this figure does not include general household burglaries, it could strike fear into all of us. It could also give us the impetus to improve our home...