PVC doors can sometimes look very plain and utilitarian. However, a timber door comes with a whole host of time consuming and maintenance needs. Luckily, you have another option for the front of your home with our Apeer composite doors.

Apeer doors are designed to look like a timber door, but have the security features and design advantages that we have come to expect from a front door. Options include Yale keyless lock, or the innovative security of the AV2 lock. You can design each part of your door to fit your lifestyle. We have three different types of Apeer doors. The Diamond range, the Apeer 40 (40mm rebate), and the Apeer 70 (70 mm rebate) and they come in a wide range of styles and colours.

Many of our customers chose to go with the classics, white, rosewood, blue, or red. However, if you want a little colour in your life you could always go for the Mandarin orange, or traffic purple colours. Any colour you can think of, the chance is we will be able to match it, specially if you have a RAL code. Chosing a composite door over a traditional timber door is an excellent choice. As a result of the material, you’ll never have to paint it to maintain the colour.

You can take a look at what styles suit your home using the Apeer Door Builder. You can play around with different colours, styles, and designs and find out what you like! Your options aren’t just limited to those included on the door builder though. Finally, call into our office and pick up a brochure to find out about the fantastic colours and designs on offer.

Take a look below at some of the composite doors that we have fitted around the Basingstoke area recently – Blue has certainly been a popular colour

timber door, colour door, composite door
Coloured door, composite door, timber door
coloured door, composite door, timber door

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