Scott Ripton | 7th February 2017

In his latest blog Scott Ripton takes a look at the colour match option that one of our customers recently opted for.

I think that everyone is increasingly looking for that thing that makes their home stand out. Whether it is a flush sash window, an infinity weld corner, or a new veranda style conservatory, the options for home improvement are ever increasing. Recently one of our customers asked if we were able to colour match their doors and windows. We were excited to say that we could.

colour match

All of our composite doors come in a wide range of different colours, from the conventional to the bold. You’re never confined to only having certain combinations of colours inside and outside. You don’t have to have a white frame because the colour is unusual. In this case we used the Apeer doors bespoke colour matching process, so that the door would match the nut tree brown frames. All we have to do in provide our supplier with a RAL code (in this case it was nice and easy because we had the code from our window supplier already).

Our team is committed to ensuring that all of our customers get the look that they want for their home. It isn’t good enough any more to limit choices, particularly when we know that there is the technology out there to create bespoke and interesting options. With the wide choice of options, you can really create a home that reflects you and your family.

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